Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I don't know what I'm doing here. Of course, that could be said for most parts of my life. Obviously, I am a procrastinator since it has taken this long for me to get on this blog. Who knew that retirement and part time work would be so time consuming. Everything takes longer-waking up-there must time for visits with the cats-making coffee and sitting in my chair-moving to the deck and sitting in my chair-going to the creek-looking at the water there and the swaying of the tops of trees. Looking at the swaying tops of trees can be an all day activity if one allows oneself to get into the activity. Reading- I spend lots of time reading. I must stop this explantion of daily activities to express my regret that the user name possum was already taken. What better name to express deep south feelings. Possum. Oh well. Apparently others came before me with that same thought. I could get into my thoughts about the current leader of our country, but an e-mail that I read by Garrison Keillor expressed it so perfectly-violently ignorant- how can you say it better than that. When I wake up and finish my chair and creek activities and my thoughts are more clear I will write more.


Joy said...

Yea, Rachel!! Glad you got here! You are worth the wait. :-)

Aled said...

Welcome to the world of us part-timers. Don't forget the time you need to spend listening to the frogs (after the rain). Almost as good as looking at the swaying of the trees. Almost.

Jacqueline said...

Hi Rachel,

Welcome aboard. I love your description of retirement/part timing. Can't wait to get there for real. Right now I am in faux retirement as I wind down from the career change and gear up my job search. It's not the same when you're worrying about income, but on certain days when I forget that there are bills to pay and a retirement to save for, I can see what it will be like. Look forward to hearing more,


Anonymous said...

violently ignorant... that's good

How about:
dangerously dumb
unapologetically uninformed
superciliously smug

Jim said...

I wonder what part of Michigan anonymous is from...?