Sunday, July 23, 2006


My Spouse pointed out that none of us identify ourselves at the beginning of our posts causing people to have to read all the way to the end before finding out who's speaking At first I thought I would suggest that we change that. Then I began to think about it. Why should we conform to standard procedure? I personally like reading without immediately knowing whose post it is. I wonder if my anal retentive little husband is the only one to find this disconcerting?

At any rate, I just spent the past four days dropping in and out of a storyteller's conference. There were 350 tellers in a hotel downtown. I knew I was really at a storyteller's convention when I went into the ladies room for the first time. As I entered I heard lots of voices but did not see anyone. However, all but one stall was occupied and people were carrying on conversations and finishing stories while they were in there! It was pretty funny. Of course I commented on it causing everyone to begin to riff on that. I belong to a truly interesting professional group. If you have never been to a storytelling conference or festival, you should go. Tellers are not like other artists. You are basically surrounded by extremely extroverted people who practice an artform that requires no equipment and who are always "on". People launch into their schticks seamlessly. It's like a convention of stand up comedians. Also having a serious conversation with a bunch of tellers is really amazing. You have all these people who can organize their experiences in an extremely coherent way on the fly. I always come away from festivals and conferences ready to work at telling more. I've been a dancer and actor, but storytelling is the scariest and most satisfying thing I've done as a performer. It's like flying without a net.


Joy said...

And you are a wonderful storyteller. I just wish everyone could hear you perform and hope you return to the Renaissance Center as well as many other venues.

What I do is scroll to the bottom, see who posted, and then scroll back up and read the post. It's part of my exercise program. Watch and learn, Ed. :-)

the only daughter said...

I like not knowing who's posting until the end. As your *voices* become more familiar, your identities will become more apparent to regulars.

You've convinced me, the next time I'm in any position to do so--a storyteller convention-here I come.

Jim said...

No, no, no, no, please southern ladies, do not reveal your name before ending your blog. I stumbled into this blog a while back thru Joy's blog. I know one of you pretty well; another somewhat... the others, not at all (except thru this blog). I think it is very cool that your writing styles are so different that I know who has written what very quickly.
Thanks! Jim