Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finding My peeps

I have been working really hard to come to terms with my appearance as I age. This is not as bad as it sounds. I actually look pretty good. But I used to be a dancer and weighed 117 pounds. I also used to be 22 years old, so I shouldn't be surprised. Anyway, I have been taking various aerobics classes at my new gym and trying to get used to moving a considerably larger and much older body around. Since I also have a very twisted sense of humor this has led me to burst out laughing a couple times in class. It's ok, though, since I'm taking zumba classes and people just think you're really happy to be there.

A couple of Sundays ago I stumbled upon an 8:30 am class taught by a professional dancer in her fifties. I went in and everyone came over and gave me what turns out to be their standard interview. It's like a secret little club over there and they don't let everyone in. It's made up of former dancers in their fifties. This woman's movement vocabulary is very similar to the one I was trained in (Graham, Cunningham, Dunham). It was wonderful to hear those words and see that my body remembered what is was supposed to do even if it took some adjustments to do it. To have someone say "feet in fifth please" rather than "ok put your right foot like this" is a relief and a wonder. To have someone know what fifth looks like and appreciate the need to modify it to third was beyond my wildest dreams. It was like when my daughter and I found the zumba class populated entirely by big girls. We walked in, everyone looked at each other and we all burst out laughing. It was great. We spent the class smirking at the skinny teacher and laughing. Most fun I've had standing up in years.

Anyway, I'll continue the search for my cohort.

Wish me luck.


Tina said...

While I cannot relate to anything to do with moving my body gracefully, now or at 22, I totally relate to the quest for commiserate camaraderie.

Joy said...

That class sounds perfect for you! I'm glad you're going. Have fun!

Don't you think that should be spelled "peops" since it's an abbreviation for people? I do but am in the minority on this from what I keep seeing. To me, "peeps" are those marshmallow chicks that show up during Easter. Discuss!

Jazzy said...

By any chance, is this in Dickson...I hope??? Sounds like a wonderful exercise class for an old worn out dancer.

PS I love the Blog, it is great.

Jacqueline said...


First I agree with Joy about the peops/peeps spelling, but I long ago bowed to convention to avoid the arguments. Sorry, Jazzy the class is in Pittsburgh where I currently live. Yes it is a wonderful class fora worn out dancer. I will miss it when I escape the godforsaken north and come back south.


Berry Blog said...

I just loved this entry. You present a pretty clear picture in the traditional tongue in cheek position. Joy has told me about zumba and i am certain it would be the death of me in the tongue lolling out position.