Thursday, July 23, 2009


It appears that I am getting closer and closer to being that crazy old woman with cats. I putter around my house grousing at the world in general, the state of my finances in specifics, and my ex in expletives. No one listens. Well, occasionally the cats will deign to appear interested, but I know better--I may be crazy, but I'm not senile. . .yet. I've managed to work myself into a near-constant state of anxiety. What I really hate about it is that my brain still functions fairly well, and I'm quite aware of what I'm doing. I just can't seem to stop.

I believe I'm about to corner the market on imagining unique worst case scenarios--like being bitten by a rabid possum while putting garbage on my back deck or drowning in my shower or giving myself brain damage by pulling a five-pound trifle bowl off on my head. I'm up to at least a half dozen apocalyptic fantasies per day. I'm not sure why I feel compelled to borrow trouble as it were. Like most of us these days, I have the prerequisite amount of trouble and hardship--personal, work, financial, etc.--without imagining anything! But, no! I have to go and be paranoid and create bizarre possibilities for death and destruction. Okay, so maybe not death and destruction, more like miserable mayhem.

Regardless, there is obviously something wrong with me. My youngest son delights in telling me to chill. He has no idea how much I would love to do just that. If I weren't certain that I'd end up in the emergency room, I'd try yoga. Drugs just make me see things, like fluorescent green spiders. Many of the more common stress relievers are not possible or not working.

Maybe I should just face the fact that I'm nuts and enjoy it.

Here kitty, kitty!


frogponder said...

Cats! They just tolerate you. You need dogs. Dogs will know the world if fraught with danger. And it starts with squirrels.

Jacqueline said...

OK, you win. I thought I had worrying down to a science, but I bow at the feet of my superior. Say, do you ever find yourself worrying about the earth being hit by a giant meteorite? I used to worry about that a lot until I figured out that it would be a quick end.


Joy said...

You take worrying to a whole new level. I'm constantly amazed by all the things you come up with!

Jazzy said...

I like the dog theory, my cat tolerates my worrisome mouthings, goes to the other room or goes to sleep but, my grandpuppy can always put a stop to it by barking and nudging until I do something else, like get him a treat.
Your worries are colorful at least.

Sheena said...

Tina, I can relate to your worrying since I inherited it from my mom. My brother used to tell her not to climb the hill before she got to it. I find myself doing the same needless worrying now.

Berry Blog said...

this was funny.but I do feel you deserve all the support you can get. so here's mine---> "You're absolutely right!"