Sunday, July 05, 2009


I've been doing my homework--reading blogs, lots of blogs. What I'm struck by is the supreme self confidence with which people blog. They post the good, the bad, the mediocre, even the drivel, and, let's face it, we all descend into drivel now and again. It doesn't seem to matter what the content or quality; bloggers are remarkably self-confident and bold. They throw themselves and their ideas, itineraries, and ignominies right out onto the web for all to see. I am amazed, intrigued, and inspired. But not quite emboldened yet. Hence I am posting on a blog that has seen no traffic for about nine months. What can I say--I'm an inveterate coward. (Baby steps, Joy, baby steps!)

The repressed cultural anthropologist in me has become totally fascinated by the blogging phenomenon. This is human communication unlike anything we've ever known. It has created human communities unlike anything we've ever known. I am fascinated that individuals are allowing so much access to themselves, opening themselves up to a world of strangers in ways we seem incapable of doing face to face, even across our dining room tables!

While I find myself sitting here on the edge of the pool, unwilling to do more than swirl a toe in the water, I am absolutely enthralled by the swimmers--the fearlessness, the grace, the occasional antics. Blog on, blithe spirits, blog on!


Joy said...

You've probably also noticed that bloggers tell just as much or as little as they choose. Since you know me so well, you can tell that I censor myself quite a bit in content and in language. I don't write anything on my blog that I care if anyone on the internet reads.

I get nervous reading some bloggers without boundaries and wonder if they are prepared for any repercussions.

Hope you continue to blog and think of it as a conversation with people you want to entertain and inform. Do the way we taught them in creative writing and write to the ideal reader and what you'd want to read.

I'm not sure how much confidence bloggers have as the need to communicate and find a community. That's what it is with me. Well, that and being needy for comments. :-)

Anonymous said...

So, Tina you realize that you are now officially a blogger. I mean two postings in a few days. I love the poem. Now, of course I must get back on the ball.


Beth said...

Just stopping by via Joy's blog. I share your fascination with the whole blogging phenomenon, and marvel at the way it has informed and brought people together. My husband and I have even met two bloggers in real life, and both times it was a great experience. You CAN get to know someone online, if they are honest about themselves. Aye, there's the rub. Many aren't honest. But you'll never find out if you don't take the plunge. So come on in, the water's fine. :)

All my best,

Berry Blog said...

I found myself censoring what I write and yes, wonder about the ones who are so open and as honest as they can be.
Cultural Anthroplogsst huh? well, I guess that's close to what I am.Never quite knew how to explain my bent in life- that serves well.
Keep dipping the toes. You'll be up to your ankle before you know it.
xoxoxo Charlie

Howard said...

I am continually at odds as to how much of myself I am willing to share with the world thru blogging. There are things I would never talk about in real life nor on the internet. Like you, I am figuring it out as I go along.